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What is PROteKT about?
Many children with cystic fibrosis get an antibiotic called tobramycin given straight into the blood stream (called intravenous or IV). It helps treat their lung infections, but it can sometimes cause kidney problems. Your kidneys are the part of your body that make urine. PROteKT is a clinical trial which will investigate whether giving patients a medicine called rosuvastatin at the same time as the antibiotic tobramycin could help protect the kidneys from harm.

Why is PROteKT being conducted?
We need to conduct a clinical trial to try and find out whether rosuvastatin does protect the kidneys from problems caused by tobramycin. In this study half of the children will take a medicine called rosuvastatin once a day during a course of IV tobramycin treatment (usually lasting 14 days) and the other half will get tobramycin without rosuvastatin.

What is Rosuvastatin?
Rosuvastatin is a medicine that is normally used to treat high cholesterol in adults and children but we believe it may help to protect kidneys from problems caused by tobramycin.

Why is it important to participate in this trial?
Dr Stephen McWilliam says: " sometimes treat infections in children with cystic fibrosis with tobramycin, but it can be harmful to the kidneys. If this study shows that rosuvastatin can protect the kidneys, then this treatment could be used to benefit you and other children with cystic fibrosis in the future."

Who is funding the trial?
The J P Moulton Charitable Foundation is funding the trial.

Who is sponsoring the trial?
The University of Liverpool is sponsoring the trial.


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